Vader's Got 99 Problems, but Being Sith Ain't One

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What do you get when you cross Star Wars with a top 40 hit produced by Jay-Z? A Galactic Empire State of Mind.

Our friends at dropped this bit of Jedi goodness, which takes the plot of the first three Star Wars films (the originals, not the new ones) and refashions them to the tune of Jay-Z's own Empire State of Mind. The video, which you can see below, cleverly integrates footage from the original trilogy behind dancing Stormtroopers and Ewoks, not to mention a rapping Darth Vader, who spits lyrics like "Catch me rockin' boots and a cape like Superman. Hell, I made wearing black more famous than that Jay-Z can."

Let's hear it for A New Hope!

[video url="" title="Galactic Empire State of Mind"]


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