First Look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

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With all the buzz going on about Iron Man 2 and Marvel's plans for The Avengers, it's with little surprise that there's so much heat on another one of their movies, slated to come out an entire year from now: Thor!

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Austrailian actor Chris Hemsworth, Thor is based on the Jack Kirby and Stan Lee comic of the same name. In the comic book, partially disabled medical student Dr. Donald Blake discovers his heretofore unknown alter ego, the Norse warrior, Thor.

The film has been shooting for months, but surprisingly little has leaked from the production. But now, Yahoo! Movies has released the first image of Hemsworth in costume as Thor! Enjoy!

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version:

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

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Thor Quotes

I have sacrificed much to achieve peace. So too must a new generation sacrifice to maintain that peace. Responsibility! Duty! Honour! These are not mere virtues to which we must aspire! They are essential to every soldier, to every king!


[staring at Thor half naked] You know, for a crazy homeless person... he's pretty cut.


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