Land With Tony at the Stark Expo in this new Iron Man 2 Clip!

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Iron Man is back, and as this new clip demonstrates, he's shooting to thrill! Iron Man 2 opens in theaters everywhere on May 7.

Paramount/Marvel has released a new clip from the film, which features Iron Man's entire flight from his cargo plane, avoiding fireworks exploding around him, all the way down to the Stark Expo, and it's all while blasting some good old AC/DC. Interestingly, while the first Iron Man 2 trailer depicts this flight happening after Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) tossing Tony's helmet out of the plane, causing Stark to jump sans headgear, this clip shows Stark making the jump with the full Iron Man suit on.

Check out the clip below, and be sure to see all of our Iron Man 2 pictures in the gallery!

[video url="" title="Iron Man 2 Clip: Stark Expo"] [/video]

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Tony Stark

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[later, he works on a machine]
Ivan Vanko: There will be blood in the water, and the sharks will come...

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