New Footage Shown in A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer!

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Audiences seeing Clash of the Titans this holiday weekend might have noticed something familiar before the feature- a trailer for the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street... but hardcore fans of the franchise, and hopefully the remake, might have noted that while the new trailer starts off virtually identical to the second A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer, tons of new footage is used in the back half.

Just as before, it's clear that we're getting a new interpretation of an old classic- whether it's an improvement or a giant leap backwards has yet to be seen, but one new addition to the latest trailer has us excited and worried at the same time... There are several shots in the second half of the trailer that show reality dissolving into the dream world. One shot in particular shows an entire classroom of kids burst into dust in a manner not unlike the nuclear dream sequence in Terminator 2, while another one sees a supermarket aisle melt into a garishly colored perversion with Freddy waiting at the end.

While the idea here is clearly neat (we see things from the kids' point of view as they start dreaming while they're awake), the digital trickery looks more like something from The Butterfly Effect than it does from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Call us purists, but digital effects in horror films just don't have that tactile feel of latex and Karo syrup. We'll wait to judge the film when it comes out.

For now, enjoy the new trailer below, and don't forget to take a look at our A Nightmare on Elm Street pictures gallery!

[video url="" title="A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer 3"] [/video]

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