New Restricted MacGruber Trailer Promises to be the Best Action Comedy of the Decade!

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Movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches, while funny, rarely succeed to translate well into big screen movie versions. Only classics like Wayne's World and The Blues Brothers really seem to deliver enough goods for repeat viewings. Well, we may very well add MacGruber to that short list of wildly successful SNL movies, because the new restricted trailer is funny as f@*$k!

MacGruber is, of course, the feature-length expansion of the popular Will Forte skits that have recently been featured on SNL. Ex-special operative MacGruber (Will Forte) is called back to duty to stop his arch-nemesis Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer), who has stolen a nuclear warhead and is hell-bent on destroying Washington DC. To take down Cunth and save the day, MacGruber enlists the help of master of disguise Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig) and Lt. Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe), hilariously referred to in the new trailer as "human shield." 

Check out the new trailer below, and don't forget to watch the other trailers in our MacGruber videos gallery! If that's not enough to satisfy your MacGruber cravings, mosey on over to our MacGruber pictures gallery and have at it!

[video url="" title="MacGruber Restricted Trailer 2"] [/video]

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MacGruber Quotes

MacGruber: I just took an upper-decker in the master bathroom.
Vicki St. Elmo: Upper-decker?
MacGruber:Yeah, it's where you take a shit in the water tank and not the bowl... You look great.

If ripping throats gets that warhead back, I'll suck as many dicks as I've go-- I'll rip as many throats as I have to!


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Well, so I finally got around to seeing MacGruber. Was it worth it? Yes and no. Before I was able to see MacGruber in person, the film...

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