The Things Sam Jackson Does in This Trailer Are... Unthinkable!

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Samuel L. Jackson just doesn't stop, does he? One day you can see him being genuinely awesome in things like The Other Guys trailer, but then he goes and mucks it all up with something lame like Lakeview Terrace.

Well, his new movie, Unthinkable, lands somewhere in between. Maybe it's just bad marketing, but the movie looks to be either absurdly over-dramatic or cleverly satirical... I'll let you guess which one.

Basically, Unthinkable looks like one long epsidoe of 24, you know, the episode where Keifer Sutherland tortures a terrorist suspect to get crucial information about that thing that's about to happen on the next episode. It's just that this torture sequence is a full-length feature film. Yes, there are other characters, and yes, there looks to be some bad CGI destruction of Los Angeles, but most of it seems to be about Sam Jackson's efforts to crack Michael Sheen.

And that's another thing: What have you done, Michael Sheen? You go from Frost/Nixon to Twilight to this? New Moon I can understand, with the big bucks and all, but the only thing I can say for Unthinkable is the script better have been amazing. Unfortunately, if that is the case, it looks like director Gregor Jordan may have severely marginalized another work of exceptional promise, like he did with The Informers.

Anyway, check out Sam Jackson torturing the shit out of Michael Sheen while Brandon Routh and Carrie-Ann Moss (remember her?) watch and complain in Unthinkable! Watch out for the frying pan to hit you in the face as the cast delivers whoppers like, "If these bombs go off, there will be no Constitution!"

You're welcome.

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