Meet a Mutant on the Splice Teaser Poster

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Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new teaser poster for the upcoming sci-fi/horror film Splice, starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley.

Unlike the cleverly subtle, minimalist marketing campaigns of classics like Alien, which never showed what the creature looked like before you saw the movie, Splice seems to be going full-force and showing its hand up front, as this teaser poster is nothing but the movie's monster, at least the first stage of its development.

In Splice, Brody and Polley play Clive and Elsa, two young rebellious scientists, who defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named "Dren", the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of her creators - only to have that bond turn deadly.

Check out the poster below! Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version, and drop by our Splice videos gallery to see the film's trailer!

Splice Teaser Poster

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