Talk Like Robert Downey Jr. With Our Iron Man 2 Quotes!

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Well kids, Iron Man 2 is officially a box-office hit, and to celebrate, we've compiled a library of the most memorable quotes from the film!

Iron Man Lives Again

Want to relive the part where Tony Stark rips on Senator Gary Shandling? How about Samuel L. Jackson giving Robert Downey Jr. a hard time for being such a drunk prick? Or the time Jon Favreau made an alpha-male pass at a fierce Scarlett Johansson in the boxing ring? 

You can find it all and more in our Iron Man 2 quotes gallery!

Here are just a few choice selections: 

Tony Stark: [to Nick Fury] I don't want to get off on the wrong foot here, do I look at you or the eye patch? | permalink
[His last words]
Ivan Vanko: You lose. | permalink
Nick Fury: You made your girl CEO, sold your stuff, gave your suit to your best friend.
Tony Stark: I didn't give it to him, he took it
Nick Fury: He took it! I'm supposed to believe he walked in, kicked ass and stole your suit! | permalink
Tony Stark: You are good, you are mind blowingly close to this, you're like a triple agent, I don't even know if you're real, can you even speak Latin?
[Natalie Rushman she speaks Latin]
Tony Stark: Which means? Wait, What'd you just say?
Natalie Rushman: It means you can drive yourself home or I can have you collected. | permalink
Tony Stark: Take off your socks and put on your crocs, We're getting wet. | permalink
Justin Hammer: I'd love to leave my door unlocked at night, but this ain't Canada. | permalink
Justin Hammer: Christine's doing a spread on me.
Pepper Potts: She did a spread on Tony last year.
Tony Stark: Wrote an article too.
Pepper Potts: Very impressive. | permalink

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Iron Man 2 Quotes

It's good to be back!

Tony Stark

Ivan Vanko: [watching Stark on TV] You come from a family of thieves, and butchers. And like all guilty men, you try to rewrite your history, to forget all the lives the Stark family has destroyed.
[later, he works on a machine]
Ivan Vanko: There will be blood in the water, and the sharks will come...

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