Production Art Reveals First Look at Captain America Costume!

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Our friends over at Ain't It Cool have posted some really cool pictures of artist renderings of the new Captain America suit, and have confirmed that the drawings are indeed from the Marvel production.

Captain America: The First Avenger won't be in theaters for over a year from now, but you can check out the Captain's new threads in the photos below! Take note that the artist who drew these up clearly used Chris Evans as his model. For a story taking place during World War II, these designs do seem a little too modern in places, but overall, the look is pretty killer. What do yo think?

Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions:

Captain America Costume Art
Captain America Costume Art 2
Captain America Costume Art 4
Captain America Costume Art 3

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Captain America Quotes

Red Skull: "What makes you so special?"
Steve Rogers: "Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."

Steve Rogers: (showing his shield to Peggy) "What do you think?"
(Peggy shoots the shield)
Peggy Carter: "Yes, I think it works."

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