See the Teaser Trailer for Paranormal Acitvity 2!

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For about a year now, Paranormal Activity has been considered to be the new Blair Witch Project, costing only a mere $11,000 to produce and earning well over $100 million. So, it's without surprise that Paramount Pictures would jump at the opportunity to make a sequel.

But just how do you make a sequel to a first person camera film with such a unique premise? Check out the teaser trailer to Paranormal Activity 2 to get a good idea! Due out in theaters on October 22, 2010, Paranormal Activity 2 will follow up the original with a similar style and tone, again to filmed in the "found footage" docu-style. directed by Tod "Kip" Williams (The Door in the Floor) from a script by Michael R. Perry.

Check out the teaser below and check back for more Paranormal Activity 2 trailers in the coming months!

[video url="" title="Paranormal Activity 2 - Teaser Trailer Official "] [/video]

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