Talk Like Aldous Snow With Our Get Him to the Greek Quotes!

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This past weekend, we witnessed Jonah Hill's struggle to Get Him to the Greek, and now we have all the best quotes from Aldous Snow, Aaron Green, Sergio Roma, and even Aldous Snow's dad Jonathan!

Infant Sorrow Live!

Recall your favorite moments from the film with quotes like these:

Aldous Snow: What you did was very spiteful, but it was also very brave and very honest and I respect you for doing that. But the content of what you said has made me hate you. So there's a layer of respect, admittedly, for your truthfulness, but it's peppered with hate. Hateful respect.
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Aaron Green: Well I hope you're d**k has a condom on, because I have a dirty mind. | permalink
Aldous Snow: We're gonna f**k these two girls.
Aaron Green: I just got out of a relationship.
Aldous Snow: Was your ex a blonde or brunette?
Aaron Green: Brunette.
Aldous Snow: Blonde it is. | permalink
Sergio Roma: I'm mind-f**king you right now.
Aaron Green: I feel like I'm in 2 Fast 2 Furious. | permalink
Sergio Roma: Do you have any ideas how many Air Jordans six black kids wear? | permalink
Aldous Snow: When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall. | permalink
Sergio Roma: If he tells you to stick the drugs in your ass, you stick them in your ass. | permalink
Aldous Snow: This is it, Aaron. This is rock n' roll. Did you enjoy the party? | permalink
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Get Him to the Greek Quotes

That's the best part about the Jeffrey. It goes away and then it comes back.

Jonathan Snow

When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.

Aldous Snow

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