Confused About Inception? Here's a Map to Help You Out!

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Having trouble keeping track of who's in whose dream? Confused about what happened when in Inception? Well, we have just the thing for you!


The folks over at Last Exit to Nowhere released (via Twitter) an infographic "timeline" detailing the events that took place in the film, including the four dream layers that Cobb and his team plumb to complete their task. Now you'll never get lost in Limbo!

While I'll admit that I didn't find the film confusing, at least not in terms of keeping pace with the action and understanding where everything took place, this "map" is rather amusing, and I'm sure there are other people out there who could find it quite useful. The brilliance of its design lies not just in the fact that it's not a line, but a polygon turning in on itself, much like the paradox staircase Arthur is so fond of using.

Well, enough nerding out for me. Check out the timeline below, maybe it will help clarify some discussions taking place on out Inception Explained editorial! Want more Inception pictures? Check them out in our gallery!

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Inception Timeline

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