Let Me In Teaser Poster Released

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I love Hollywood's marketing strategies. Soon, teaser posters will be nothing but bold words on a black background. At least The Social Network teaser poster gave us Jesse Eisenberg's face and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows teaser poster a burning Hogwart's Castle, but all we get for Let Me In is kind of underwhelming, offering not much more than bloody letters on ice.

Still, for a vampire movie, it's a neat looking design, but did they really have to put "director of Cloverfield" in such bold letters? It's like "A Matt Reeves Film" is less important than mentioning Cloverfield. Looking at it from a marketing standpoint, though, I get it- they have spread that name recognition around so everyone is familiar with it, like knowing Cloverfield is going to make them want to see the movie more than if it was just marketed well, or, god forbid, actually a good movie.

Anyway, enjoy the new teaser poster below, and check out out other Let Me In pictures in the gallery!

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Let Me In Teaser Poster

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