M. Night Shyamalan Gets Defensive During Last Airbender Press Conference

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M. Night Shyamalan's ego knows no bounds, probably because he's clueless to the fact that his movies are terrible. During a press conference for The Last Airbender (the video claims it took place in Mexico City), a reporter asks the director if Airbender is his attempt at being more commercial because audiences had lost faith in him as a filmmaker.

Shyamalan takes this question very personally, clearly gets angry and responds testily, "I think if I thought like you I’d kill myself. Everything you said is the opposite of my instinct as an artist. The way you just thought, I literally would kill myself.

He then goes on a three minute diatribe explaining how he thinks every movie he makes is better the the last, claims Unbreakable is a better film than The Sixth Sense, and says his personal favorite of all of his films is The Village. He also touts some accolades and mentions that there's a class in Britain that studies The Happening. Whatever class that is, I hope it's teaching young filmmakers what not to do.

They say that a great antagonist is one who never thinks what he's doing is negative. If so, Night may just be Hollywood's new bad guy. Look at it from his perspective: he's been making movies for well over a decade and has ridden a wave of success to the top.

However, like any good filmmaker, he hasn't been learning from his mistakes and adapting to the challenges of the ever-evolving sophistication of modern audiences. Instead, he has remained a one-trick pony. Even though the tides have turned and his career is in the process of being dismantled by his detractors, which now outnumber his loyalists, he's still drinking his own Kool-Aid.

I know it's unfair to say an artist should create art for the sake of an audience, but Shyamalan is a mainstream Hollywood player who makes big budget entertainment, not small, personal art films.  A good movie blends art and entertainment seamlessly, so that it is both profitable and fulfilling. A Hollywood filmmaker at his level and notoriety has a responsibility to deliver quality entertainment to the masses, not just satiate his own whimsical flights of fancy and deliver the same old cheat time and time again.

Airbender was meant to be different, and yet, in many respects, it's even worse than The Happening. It's very frustrating that Shyamalan cannot even accept the little dose of reality that this reporter was trying to elucidate. While I don't blame him for getting mad, I must ask: What will sober him up? Will he ever come to his senses?

Check out the words directly from the horse's mouth in the video below and be the judge yourself. Is M. Night Shyamalan just clueless about the quality of his work, or simply an egotist... or is he something worse: a clueless egotist?

[video url="http://www.moviefanatic.com/videos/m-night-shyamalan-gets-defensive-at-airbender-press-conference/" title="M. Night Shyamalan Gets Defensive at Airbender Press Conference"] [/video]

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