Memorable Quotes from Predators!

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If you caught Predators in theaters this past weekend, you saw a fun, gritty little action movie that gets back to the root of the franchise. Directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez, Predators stars Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Topher Grace and Walton Goggins as a group of mercenaries and convicts who are transplanted from Earth and brought to a distant planet to be hunted by the legendary race of Predators.

Adrien Brody as Royce

Check out some memorable lines from the film below, and peruse the rest of our Predators quotes in the gallery!

Royce: What's the last thing you remember?
Cuchillo: All of a sudden, there was a light. And then, I was falling. | permalink
Royce: This planet is a game reserve. And we're the game. | permalink
Edwin: Excuse me, I'm - just what the hell is going on here?
Royce: We're being hunted. The cages, soldier, all of us. We were all brought here for the same purpose. This planet is a game preserve, and we're the game. In case you didn't notice, we just got flushed out. They sent the dogs in. Just like you would if you were stalking boar, shooting quail. They split us apart and they watched. Testing us.
Isabelle: How do you know this?
Royce: Because, that's what I would do. | permalink
Royce: Who are you?
Noland: I'm the one you don't f**k with. | permalink
Noland: They can hear you. Smell you. They see you. | permalink
Royce: How do we kill them?
Noland: However you can. | permalink

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Predators Quotes

They can hear you. Smell you. They see you.


Isabelle: We need to work as a team.
Cuchillo: Does this look like a team orientated group of individuals to you?

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