Saw 3D Porducers Say It Will Be The Final Film

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The Saw 3D producers announced at Comic-Con, along with the new Saw 3D trailer and Saw 3D poster, that the seventh film in the franchise will also be the final film of the franchise.

"It's time to stop," producer Oren Koules told USA Today, "We have told the story we wanted to tell, and this is going to be a great farewell." October 22nd will mark the last release date for the Saw franchise. After seven movies, the series has finally run its course.

The latest Saw film will reportedly feature 11 booby traps- double the average of the previous installments, and was apparently re-edited and submitted to the MPAA six times before it secured an R rating, avoiding the stigma of an NC-17.

"I'm surprised we got it," said fellow producer Mark Burg. "It's more violent than any of them. But it's in 3-D, it answers all the questions, it comes full circle. We have the goods on this one."

USA Today also released a new photograph from the film, depicting one of Jigsaw's bloody traps. The image is from a scene that can be seen in the new trailer.

Click the thumbnail below to view a larger version, and see all of our Saw 3D pictures in the gallery!

Saw 3D Public Blade

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