Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers Being Considered for Fantastic Four Reboot?

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With the bar for comic book movies constantly being raised, and the growing suspicion that super hero adaptations may be reaching critical mass, 20th Century Fox is planning on rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise before it's too late.


Apparently, this time around, they're looking to make The Thing completely CG and step up the caliber of actor. That's why ScreenRant is reporting that Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are in consideration for the role of Mr. Fantastic.

Brody has proven that he can do bigger action fare with the explosive Predators, and Rhys Meyers isn't far behind with From Paris With Love, so either actor would be a good choice to fill the role of Fantastic Four's elastic leader. And while I personally don't see the rush in bringing a completely retooled version of the fearsome foursome to the big screen (the last film was only a few years ago... usually reboots take decades to generate steam), it seems Marvel and the studios are scrambling to do right by the fans. At least, it seems, they're looking to take the property more seriously.

What do you guys think? Which actor would be better for Mr. Fantastic?

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Adrian Brody

Adrien Brody is a successful actor from Queens, New York.  Brody is best known for his Academy Award-winning role in 2002 as the lead in Roman Polanski's The Pianist.  Since then Brody has gone on to star in The Village, The Jacket, King Kong, and The Darjeeling Limited.  Brody is an extremely talented and diverse actor.

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