Memorable Quotes from Piranha 3D!

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Despite earning only $10 million its opening weekend, Piranha 3D is already apparently popular enough to justify a sequel, so while you wait for Piranha 3D Part 2, satisfy your craving for the toothy bastards with our Piranha 3D quotes!

Get Out of the Water, Jerry!

Here are just a few choice moments:

Andrew: [to crowd] When I say tit you say e's! Tit...
Crowd: E's!
Andrew: Tit...
Crowd: E's! | permalink
Wet T-Shirt Host: [to the DJ] Hit it DJ Chocolate Thunder! | permalink
Derrick Jones: [last words] Wet t-shirt... wet t-shirt! | permalink
Sam: Something bit me!
Paula: Oh yea? I thought you liked that kind of stuff! | permalink
Danni: Nice instrument.
Laura Forester: Thanks, nice boobs.
Danni: Thanks.
Laura Forester: I'm wear a training bra but its kind of itchy.
Danni: Tell me about it! Who are you waiting for?
Laura Forester: My brother Jake, he's seventeen, he will like your boobs too.
Danni: They all do. | permalink
Derrick Jones: Fish with boobies. | permalink
Mr. Goodman: The piranha hunt in packs. The first bite draws blood, blood draws the pack. | permalink

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Piranha 3D Quotes

The piranha hunt in packs. The first bite draws blood, blood draws the pack.

Mr. Goodman

Jake Forester: What's going on over there?
Sheriff Julie Forester: Whatever you do, do not go into the water.

Piranha 3D Review

There's only a handful of reasons you'd be going to see Piranha 3D: blood, gore, and tits, and all three of those things in stereoscopic...

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