New Skyline Poster Debuts!

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The guys that gave us Alien vs. Predator: Requiem are back, this time with Skyline, a new alien invasion film starring Eric Balfour Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel. Before you say "Awww, AVP2 was crap!" and turn your nose up at Skyline, there's something you should know.

The Strause brothers, apparently after seeing how popular low budget movies like Paranormal Activity have been, decided to make their own alien invasion film on a shoestring budget... of $20 million dollars. Hey, at least they're not spending the big bucks, and maybe this means they're going to focus more on story and character development than massive special effects sequences... well, okay, looking at the poster, probably not.

Click the image below to view larger, and see more of the film in our Skyline trailers gallery!

Skyline Teaser Poster

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