See How Badly Vampires Suck in These Set Photos!

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Opening tomorrow, the people who brought you Meet the Spartans and Date Movie dive into the supernatural romance genre with Vampires Suck! Starring Ken Jeong, Matt Lanter and Jenn Proske, Vampires Suck is first and foremost a lampooning of The Twilight Saga

Check out the pictures below to see just how closely Vampires Suck will spoof your favorite Twilight characters, and see the jokes in action in our Vampires Suck trailers gallery!

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Becca and Edward Suck
Hairy Half-Wolf
Strikin' Poses
Human Tabasco
Ken Jeong Sucks!
Becca Drives Jacob Nuts

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Vampires Suck Quotes

Becca Crane: Jacob, run!
[Jacob jumps above Becca and lands in his chihuahua form. Becca disbelievingly]
Becca Crane: A chihuahua?

Becca Crane: Jacob, why did you just take off your shirt?
Jacob: [Holds up employment contract] My contract says I have to every ten minutes of screen time.

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Unless you're such a hardcore Twilight fan that you love to see your favorite franchise get utterly skewered in the dopiest of ways and...

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