Tobin Bell's Head Explodes on New Saw 3D Poster!

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Say what you want about the quality of the Saw films, but their posters have continually become more and more elaborate and classy, coming to represent ideas and concepts rather than blood and guts. The poster for Saw 3D is another case of what may be one of the most artistic ad campaigns for a 3D horror movie I've seen yet.

The new poster features what seems to be a sculpture of Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell's head, in mid-explosion, with chunks of debris flying out like they would in a stereoscopic presentation. I have no doubt that there's a lenticular version of this poster floating around out there somewhere. Either way, it's an interesting way to present the violence and ideals of Lionsgate's latest torture porn without resorting to using depictions of actual gore, torture devices or gimmicks like using real blood in the ink used to print the posters.

As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw's brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror...

Saw 3D is the first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system, bringing the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never before. As the tagline says, "The Traps Come Alive." The film stars Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell and Sean Patrick Flannery, and hits theaters on October 22, 2010.

Check out the new poster below and see all of our Saw 3D pictures in the gallery! For a look at the torturous mayhem in action, drop by our Saw 3D trailers gallery!

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Saw 3D Mind Blowing Poster

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