Four Character Posters and a New Trailer for Megamind Released!

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Dreamworks Animation has released four new character posters for Megamind, as well as a new trailer featuring the voice talents of Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and David Cross. A satirical take on superhero movies, Megamind Ferrell plays the notorious titular villain loses his oomph after he accidentally kills his nemesis, Metro Man, voiced by Pitt.

Megamind opens November 5th. Check out the four new posters below, featuring Megamind, Metro Man, Roxanne Ritchie, and Megamind's Minion, and see the new trailer after the jump! See more of the film in our Megamind trailers gallery and our Megamind pictures gallery!

Click the thumbnails to view larger:

Megamind Megamind Poster
Megamind Metro Man Poster
Megamind Roxanne Poster
Megamind Minion Poster

[video url="" title="Megamind Trailer 3 "] [/video]

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Megamind Quotes

[capturing a terrified Hal]
Megamind: Use the spray!
[Minion uses a can of chloroform spray, but it doesn't work]
Minion: [checking the can] It's out!
Megamind: Well, use the forget-me stick!
Minion: Oh, right!
[knocks out Hal with the stick]

Metro Man: Check this out...
[plays guitar and sings]
Metro Man: [singing] I got eyes, that can see, right through lead... huh?
[Megamind and Roxanne scream]