Get a Look at Concept Art for a Proposed Voltron Movie!

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Saddened by where the Transformers franchise has gone? Hoping another big metal robot movie will take over and show Michael Bay how it should be done? Remember Voltron?

While it hasn't even been pitched yet, concept art for a proposed Voltron movie has hit the net courtesy of, and it looks decidedly Transformer-esque. In case you've never heard of Voltron, it was an animated television show in the 80's featuring five large lion-shaped robots and their pilots, and much like the later Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, would interconnect to form one large robot for battles and such.

Anyway, it looks like Atlas Entertainment is gearing up for an impressive pitch to the big studios and has lined up three pretty nifty concept pieces, which you can see below! Click on the thumbnails to view larger:

Voltron Concept 1
Voltron Concept 2
Voltron Concept 3

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