Sony, Warner and Disney Teaming Up to Offer On-Demand Theatrical Releases In Your Living Room

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We live in an age where everyone wants everything faster. Consumers want their entertainment now, and the studios want to deliver it to them quicker. Theatrical releases are less about seeing how long a film can stay in theaters and more about how much they can make the first weekend before they fall off to nothing and hit home video. Only major hits like Inception, Avatar or How to Train Your Dragon really have the legs that demand lengthy stays at the box office.


Well, now three major studios are looking to close the gap between theatrical releases and home video releases, which is usually 3 to 4 months on average. Warner, Sony and Disney are teaming up to offer a new Video-On-Demand service that will feature recent theatrical releases direct to you in home after their initial theatrical release, but before their home video release. Bloomberg reports that the studios are in talks with major cable providers to make titles available for about $30 a pop.

Yeah, you read that right. $30 bucks. Now, while that's about ten dollars less than the average family would spend on a night out at the movies, it seems like an awfully steep price to pay to watch something off of your cable box.

Would you be willing to pay that much to see a current theatrical release in the comfort of your home?

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