Bogus Stunt at My Soul To Take Premiere Fails to Shock

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For Wes Craven's sake, I hope this isn't a sign of how audience reaction to My Soul to Take will be. As if having no advance press screenings wasn't bad enough, a fake stabbing stunt was pulled at the film's New York premiere, just feet away from Craven and the cast, a video of which was subsequently posted to YouTube, no doubt in the hopes that it would drum up more interest in the film.

While the concept isn't necessarily a bad one, the execution left more to be desired. The reason this isn't bigger news is that it's painfully obvious the whole thing is bogus, from the too-bright karo syrup blood to the plastic knife, and even to the lack of general panic. We hope Craven wasn't involved in this one, as it seems embarrassing enough that it happened right next to him on the red carpet of his latest popcorn muncher.

Check out the video of the lame stunt and let us know what you think. Bad or good, the stunt reminds us that My Soul to Take opens in theaters today. You know what they say, there is no such thing as bad press...

For a look at the movie, check out our My Soul to Take trailers section.

[video url="" title="Stabbing at 'my soul to take' movie premiere!!! "] [/video]

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