Introducing the Most Ridiculous Saw 3-D Poster Yet!

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If you thought the posters for Saw 3-D couldn't get any more ridiculous and esoteric or further removed from the film's story, get ready to be astounded! Lionsgate has released their final Saw 3-D poster and it's a doozy, sporting an image depicting the construction of a gigantic Jigsaw statue, about the size of Miss Liberty, amongst what looks to be an industrial wasteland. For added humor, pay close attention to Jigsaw's sparking nipples!

What's more, they've released the poster as a 3-D motion poster, which in animated form on the internet, shifts perspective from side to side, and is undoubtedly representative of a real-world lenticular counterpart. If there was ever a poster to collect from the Saw series, this would surely be it, either for its total lack of any restraint in concept, or its complete and udder absurdity. Chances are it'll be worth something in a few decades...

Anyway, check out the Saw 3D motion poster, and see the 2-D counterpart below! Click the thumbnail to view larger and check out all of our Saw 3-D pictures in the gallery!

Saw 3D Jigsaw Statue Poster

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