Michael J. Fox Gets Back in the DeLorean for the 2010 Spike Scream Awards!

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Michael J. Fox proves Parkinson's disease can't get him down, as he will join Lea Thompson and Elisabeth Shue on stage for Spike's Scream 2010 Awards show on October 19th in order to honor Back to the Future's 25th Anniversary. In order to promote the event, Fox got out his old Nike sneakers and aviator sunglasses and re-shot the film's original teaser!

Check out the new "homage" to the trailer below, and see the original teaser after the jump. Go Back on Blu-Ray on October 26th!

[video url="http://www.moviefanatic.com/videos/scream-awards-2010-with-michael-j-fox-on-spike/" title="Scream Awards 2010 with Michael J. Fox on Spike "] [/video]

[video url="http://www.moviefanatic.com/videos/back-to-the-future---teaser/" title="Back To The Future - Teaser "] [/video]

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Back to the Future Quotes

[Biff is waxing George's car, it's a silver BMW]
George McFly: Uh... now Biff, I want make sure that we get two coats of wax this time. Not just one.
Biff Tannen: Just finishing up the second coat now.
George McFly: Now Biff, don't con me!
Biff Tannen: I-I'm-I'm sorry, Mr. McFly. I-I meant I was just starting on the second coat.
George McFly: Ahh... Biff. What a character. Always trying to get away with something. I've had to stay on top of Biff ever since High School. Although if it wasn't for him...
Lorraine Baines: We never would have fallen in love.
George McFly: That's right.

[on the phone, as Marty plays "Johnny B. Goode"] Chuck. Chuck. It's Marvin - your cousin, Marvin BERRY. You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this.
[holds the receiver out]

Marvin Berry