Paranormal Activity 2: Coming to You in IMAX?

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Paramount Pictures has decided to release Paranormal Activity 2 in 161 IMAX theaters concurrently with the film's standard release on October 22nd. The Paranormal Activity sequel will benefit from the IMAX DMR picture processing and IMAX Experience sound.

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"Paramount has delivered another great movie that we believe will really resonate with IMAX fans," said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. "The growth of our digital theatre network has allowed us greater flexibility in programming, and we're very pleased to bring this highly anticipated sequel to the ever-increasing IMAX audience."

While we love the idea of seeing movies in IMAX, we're not sold on this one. The original Paranormal Activity was produced on a budget of $15,000 and the sequel promises to be similarly cheap. One has to wonder just what reason Paramount thinks the film will benefit from being upgraded to higher quality and projected on a larger screen, as the whole concept rests on low-fidelity amateur home video in order to be effective. You'd think making it in IMAX would be counter to that aesthetic. So, the real reason probably has to do with the extra money charged at IMAX theaters... 

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