Rainn Wilson Beats Down Petty Crime in a New R-Rated Clip from Super

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Not too many things make my jaw drop these days, especially when it comes to movies, but a new clip from James Gunn's low-buget normal-guy-in-tights super hero movie Super did just that. I realize that Super is a dark comedy, and the more I see of it, the darker that humor gets. It's not so much in concept or tone, but in the honesty with which Gunn is treating the premise, which is much more realistic and pedestrian in nature than what we saw in Kick-Ass

What am I getting at? Well, see for yourself in the video below, followed by the synopsis after the jump. Check out all of our Super pictures and Super trailers in the gallery, and look for the film in theaters in 2011.

WARNING: This video contains foul language and some graphic violence.

[video url="http://www.moviefanatic.com/videos/super-clip-crimson-bolt-confronts-crime/" title="SUPER Clip: Crimson Bolt Confronts Crime "] [/video]

Frank's (Wilson) wife leaves him for a seductive, psychopathic drug dealer (Bacon), Frank is transformed and the Crimson Bolt is born. With a hand-made suit, a wrench, and a crazed sidekick named Boltie (Page), the Crimson Bolt beats his way through the mean streets of crime in hopes of saving his wife (Tyler). The rules were written a long time ago: You are not supposed to molest children, cut lines or key cars; if you do, prepare to face the wrath of the Crimson Bolt!

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