Take That, Borat!

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At this point, I think it's safe to say that everyone understands Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat is not real. It's just a joke, and a funny one too. But someone out there isn't laughing, and you guessed it, he lives in Kazakhstan.

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The New York Times is reporting on a Kazakh filmmaker named Erkin Rakishev, who has grand plans to win back Kazakhstan's honor after Borat so hilariously ridiculed it.  “I want to show modern Kazakhstan, as it is in reality,” Mr. Rakishev said. “After the original film, everyone around the world started mocking the Kazakh people. We were made to look crazy, wild, barbarous. It was not the truth.”

So how exactly does he plan on showing up Mr. Cohen's baseless caricature of Kazakh life? According to The NY Times: "Coming soon to theaters near you (all right, mostly Kazakh ones): “My Brother, Borat,” a film that seeks to portray today’s Kazakhstan with some curious narrative devices. Like an amorous donkey. Which somehow has its way with Borat’s loopy brother. Who then gets pregnant. And the two get married."

Um, yeah, that's really going to show the world what a swell place Kazakhstan is. Not at all like what Sacha Baron Cohen did...

“It’s a black comedy,” Mr. Rakishev said. “If we do a comedy for the Kazakh people, in the West, they may not understand it. In Kazakhstan, they understand a donkey.”

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