Roland Emmerich to Rip Off Cloverfield in The Zone

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I thought "found footage" films have tended to piss people off more than they've entertained, with only a few films like The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield truly being successful examples of what one can do with the premise of amateur footage of an event that has been discovered after whoever filmed it has discarded it or become deceased. But with the success of Paranormal Activity last year, it seems more filmmakers are hopping on the bandwagon, even some you wouldn't expect.

Roland Emmerich On Set

Enter large-scale disaster-meister Roland Emmerich, whose pitiful big budget translation of 1998's Godzilla paved the way for JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves to tell their own Godzilla story through the eyes of amateur photographers. Emmerich will apparently be helming The Zone, a found footage film centering around an alien invasion. And we thought he was going to busy himself making Independence Day 2 and 3 first.

While there are no details on the plot, casting has already begun. Emmerich plans to use no-name actors and shoot the whole thing on a budget of $5 million dollars, which seems difficult for the director of such inflated films as 2012, who has been known to spend that much in a single day on previous productions.

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