Blue Valentine's NC-17 Rating Downgraded to R

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After battling with the MPAA over the rating of Blue Valentine, The Weinstein Company has claimed a significant victory which may have ramifications for future ratings on similar films. Originally, the Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA) leveled the dreaded NC-17 rating against the forthcoming torrid relationship drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, but after an appeal by the producers, has downgraded the film to a hard R. 

Blue Valentine Poster

The reason for the original rating was "a scene of explicit sexual content," whereas now, the R-rating banner will carry the warning of "strong graphic sexual content, language, and a beating." One wonders why the beating part wasn't listed as part of the NC-17 classification. Regardless, this means Blue Valentine will be able to be released to a wider audience on December 31st, but more importantly, it sets a precedent for future films with similarly explicit content.

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