Spike Jonze Says You Need to See The Fighter

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Well, here's an interesting marketing tactic, or at least the sign of good friendship. Maverick director Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are) has written an open plea, via an email to /Film, to audiences to support his friend David O. Russell by seeing his new movie The Fighter. Isn't that swell?

Jonze claims that the first trailer for the film makes it seem generic and unworthy of attention, but that the new trailer, the one dubbed "Pressure", is more true to what you'll see in theaters. You can check that trailer out below, and compare it to the original one in our The Fighter trailers gallery, and see what he's talking about. Hit the jump to read Spike's unfiltered thoughts!

Spike here. I’m writing on behalf of my friend David Russell, regarding his new movie The Fighter. Did you get a chance to see it yet? How insanely great is Christian Bale?  Can you do me a favor and post this 2 minute trailer called “Pressure” on your site?  The trailer that they put out originally makes the film feel a little generic and I just want to help David get the word out. I got to see it a few weeks ago, and I loved it, and if all you saw is the trailer that’s out, you might not know that it’s as interesting and strong as it is.

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