There's a New Firestarter in Town

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Of all the potential sequels and remakes in the works, this is one that I thought I'd never see. Universal Pictures and De Laurentiis Co. are looking to remake the 1984 Stephen King-based horror movie Firestarter.


The original film featured a then 9 year-old Drew Barrymore as a girl with pyrokinetic powers and was also produced by Universal and De Laurentiis Co., which was founded by the late producer Dino De Laurentiis. "We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances," De Laurentiis Co. chairman Martha De Laurentiis said.

Variety claims the studio is looking to turn the remake into a franchise property and that "the main character is to be reinvented with a little more edge." Does this mean we'll get an older Firestarter to start with or a series of films that follow the character into adulthood? All we can really tell at this point is that there will be plenty of CGI flames, and it'll probably end up being in 3D.

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