Christopher Nolan Oscar Snub Outrages Fans

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In a world where anyone can put their two cents into a conversation via Facebook and Twitter, fans are speaking out about what they believe is an Oscar snub.  Christopher Nolan didn't get an Oscar nod for his directing work in Inception.

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It's a trending topic on twitter and fans are not happy.

Here are some of those angry remarks:

One person tweeted, "Memento. The Prestige. The Dark Knight. Inception. What the hell does Chris Nolan have to do to get a Best Director statue!?"

Another complained, "Chris Nolan hasn't gotten a Best Director nod for Inception, The Dark Knight OR The Prestige. wtf"

And someone else said, "Just saw Chris Nolan was snubbed for Best Director at Academy Awards. That'll be a decision regretted in ten years. Maybe five."

This isn't the first time, the famed director has been snubbed by the Academy.  In 2000 he was nominated for a Director Guild Award for Momento and received a nomination from the DGA again in 2008 for The Dark Knight.

So does the Academy have beef with Nolan?

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