Indie Comedy Goats Signs Great Cast!

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According to a press release from Red Crown Productions, Elliptical Films, and Sandia Media, David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, Keri Russel, Minnie Driver, and Will Arnett are all set to star in the Indie comedy Goats.  They will be joining Graham Phillips ad Ty Burrell who have already been attached to the film.

Goats Novel Picture

Goats is based on the novel by Mark Jude Poirier's novel of the same name and follows 15-year-old Ellis who moves from his mother Wendy's (Farminga) home to an East Coast prep school, where his estranged father once attended.  He will be leaving his step-dad (Duchovny), known as Goat Man who smokes pot, and have to figure out his life as a prep school boy.

Russell will play Ellis' estranged father's new wife, Driver will play Wendy's best friend, and Arnett will play Wendy's new boyfriend.

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