Justin Bieber Talks 3D Movie on The Today Show

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Justin Bieber visited the Today Show Monday morning to promote his new 3D movie, which comes out in theaters on February 11, 2011.

So what does Biebs love about his new movie?

He revealed to Matt Lauer that he loves giving his fans free tickets, which he does before most shows.

Check out the trailer to Justin Bieber: Never Say Never!

"It makes everyone happier.  You go in the back and give people front-row tickets.  It just makes people's day," says Bieber.  "It's amazing."

He also loves that the movie was shot in 3D - showing Lauer exactly what he means by putting on the purple 3D glasses.

"Everything looks better in 3D." Bieber claims.

And all you worried fans, he confirmed he is NOT planning on cutting his hair off, "just messing with it."

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