No Strings Atttached vs. Friends With Benefits: What's The Difference?

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No Strings Attached is out this weekend - and don't get us wrong, we're excited to see it, but we also can't help but notice how similar the flick is to another sex-driven comedy, Friends With Benefits

So will you be seeing the same movie twice when Friends with Benefits comes out later this year?

Mila and JT
No Strings Attached Poster

There's definitely a lot of intertwining going on between the two movies.  We've done a little digging and here's what we've uncovered...

They're pretty much the same.

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in No Strings Attached about two friends who decide to embark on a relationship purely based on sex.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake star in Friends with Benefits about two friends who decide to embark on a relationship purely based on sex.

Here are few weird incestuous facts just for fun:

  • Portman and Kunis starred in Black Swan together (think they talked about their next films on the set?)
  • Kunis and Kutcher starred in That 70's Show together where they played two characters in a relationship.
  • Justin Timberlake spoofed Ashton Kutcher when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

So, which one will be better?

No Strings Attached is directed by veteran filmmaker Ivan Reitman who knows his comedies.  He produced Animal House! Ashton Kutcher is the rom com king and he does well in those kinds of role.  Natalie Portman is so in-demand and proved her acting chops in Black Swan.

Friends with Benefits is directed and co-written by Will Gluck from Easy A - pretty funny flick!  Justin Timberlake can definitely do comedy - have you seen him on Saturday night live? And Mila Kunis is totally cute and always appealing in her roles. 

Take a look at the trailers and decide for yourself.  Warning the trailers contain content not appropriate for all audiences.


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