Two Movie Clips: The Dilemma

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The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, hits theaters tomorrow.  In honor of the theatrical release, we thought we would offer you a sneak peek at some clips from the film.

The Dilemma follows Ronny and Nick, friends since college, they have started their own auto design firm.  Things get tricky when Ronny sees Nick's wife cheating on him and must figure out if he should tell him or not.

Check out the two clips below and see the whole movie in theaters tomorrow.

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The Dilemma Quotes

[Ronny to Cousing Betty]
Ronny: Who are you?
Cousin Betty: I am cousin Betty.
Ronny: Are you first?
Cousin Betty: Second.

[Ronny is on the trees trying to take pictures of Geneva]
[Phone rings with Nick calling]
Nick: Hi Ronny, where are you.
Ronny: I am doing all kinds of different kinds of different things.

The Dilemma Review

The Dilemma is funny but it’s got a lot of Vince Vaughn humor.   If you’re a fan of the tall funny-man, you’ll probably love this film...

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