Ashton Kutcher in Ghostbusters 3? It Could Happen

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Ashton Kutcher in Ghostbusters 3?  It's actually quite likely, considering the connection between Ghostbuster's director Ivan Reitman and Kutcher. 

The two recently worked together in the film No Strings Attached and are still promoting it. 

It seems the only thing holding up the project is if Bill Murray likes the script and agrees to star in the film.  If Murray gives the film a green light, Kutcher could be one of the newbies to star in the film alongside the veteran actor.

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Reitman took time to talk about the sequel at a press junket for No Strings Attached, saying it's "absolutely possible" that Kutcher could be joining the cast.

According to Deadline, Reitman said during a recent interview that everything we think we know about the third film is wrong.  Apparently, a newly edited script has been sent to Murray and they are just waiting for his approval.

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Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and started his modeling career after dropping out of the University of Iowa. Kutcher initially worked in New York and appeared in ads for companies such as Calvin Klein. However, soon Kutcher moved to Los Angeles and soon got his big acting breakthrough as Michael Kelson in the hit television show, That 70's Show.

With his new found fame, Kutcher was soon cast in a variety of movies including Dude, Where's My Car, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, Guess Who, and The Guardian. Kutcher also had his own television show, Punk'd on MTV.

In his personal life, Kutcher is infamous for his marriage to Demi Moore, fifteen years his senior.

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