Just Go With It Early Reviews Are Mostly Negative

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The Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston comedy Just Go With It is getting mostly negative early reviews.  Critics don't like the standard rom com that produces absolutely no originality or interesting plot lines.  The comedy mostly depends on cliches and a highly unlikely story.

Check out what critics are saying below.

Just Go With It Trailer

"The curse strikes again in "Just Go With It," a witless rom-com that is only marginally watchable thanks to Aniston and her costar, Adam Sandler." - New York Daily News

"At its best, Just Go With It suggests what might have been a super silly love story that messed with convention to clever effect: A poignant, pop-song montage of our two lead characters pining for each other privately cuts unexpectedly to include a third party, and a quiet, gross-out interlude." - MovieLine

"If you don’t like rom-coms or Adam Sandler, you are unlikely to be impressed by this film. It is high concept nonsense of the worst kind, exploiting Valentine’s weekend to earn a bit of cash with predictable love story plot turns and lacklustre Sandler humour." - Obsessed With Film
"It's a rarely amusing movie overwhelmed by grating kids, unfunny sidekicks, halfhearted Sandler funny voices and a co-star who seems more fearful of smiling with each passing year." - The Seattle Times

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Just Go With It Review

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