Michael Moore Suing Weinstein Bros. Over Fahrenheit 9/11

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it's all about the money! Michael Moore filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming the Weinstein Bros. owes him $2.7 million in profits from Fahrenheit 9/11

Moore claims the brothers, working under Fellowship Adventure Group - the company they founded to release the documentary - agreed to a 50/50 split of the profits of the film, but the company failed to equally share the profits with Moore.

Filmmaker Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 made $222.4 million in box office revenues.

When contacted by Entertainment Weekly for a statement, the Weinstein brothers lawyer, Bert Fields said the lawsuit was "absolute baloney."  He also says Moore received $20 million from the film and he will not receive anything more.

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Michael Moore

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The controversial documentary director at least stirs up emotions. Love him or hate him, Michael Moore cares about issues.

Yes, he goes way over the top a lot, in order to make his point. But we give the filmmaker credit for at least not sitting idly by when there are so many topics to educate the public on.

Moore has made movies about the health care system, gun control and the economic meltdown.

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