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Join in the fun and predict who you think will win in all the major categories.  Check out the official printable Oscar's ballot below and print it out on Oscar's night to have your say!

Every day leading up to the big night, we will give you some insight into the nominees and choose our favorite for who will take home the gold. Then it's your turn!  Take part in our Poll and guess who you think will win big.

Melissa Leo As Overbearing Mother
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Holding Hands
Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross
Amy Adams in The Fighter
Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom

Melissa Leo has been the front runner for most of the Oscar season for her performance in The Fighter, but as we previously reported, she's since lost that seeming guarantee with picture she posted on her personal website.

Leo had previously admitted she took the photos without the knowledge of Paramount or her representation.  Today, she's telling a different story to The Daily Beast, saying it was Paramount's idea and she was just going along with it.

"I've been busting my ass, trying to get the movie sold and seen, and now I show up where they ask, get put into hair and makeup that they pay for, so I can promote this thing," she admits. "So I'm a little confused. I thought this is what we're doing. This is what all the girls are doing."

Check out the complete Best Supporting Actress nomination list and check out who our Oscar prediction - then make your own.

Amy Adams, The Fighter - Now that Melissa Leo isn't so lonely high atop the prediction ladder, many wonder if co-star Amy Adams will join her.  Amy Adams has been nominated three times, but has yet to take home the golden statue. Adams may sneak up on us this time and finally win for her performance in The Fighter. Although, Adam's hasn't received much recognition so far for her work in the film, she has been quietly getting rave reviews for her role as Micky's girlfriend.

Helena Bonham Carter, The King's Speech - Helena Bonham Carter played the Queen mum in the film getting rave reviews this award season, The King's Speech.  Carter isn't a favorite to win, but if the night goes as predicted, with The King's Speech, sweeping most of the major categories, she might just ride the wave and win along with her co-stars.  Her performance was worthy of a nomination, but perhaps not as gritty and emotional as some of the others in her category.

Melissa Leo, The Fighter - Melissa Leo has been the front runner for most of the Oscar season, but recently she has fallen out of favor in the Oscar race.  The actress posted some self-promotional photos on her personal website, with a caption reading "For Your Consideration."  The photos didn't go over well with some people and it might lose her the trophy.  In the past, actors who have done similar self-promotion have also lost when it came down to it.  Her performance in The Fighter, on the other hand, was phenomenal and she does deserve the trophy based on that consideration alone.

Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit- Considering Hailee Steinfeld is pretty much the leading actress in this one, you would think she would have a pretty good chance at winning in a supporting role category.  Well, that just might be the case.  Many people are buzzing about the young actress and she's become another one of the favorites in the Best Supporting Actress category.  We wouldn't be surprised if the young 16-year-old takes home the gold.  Her performance is riveting and it's even more impressive when you consider she is a newcomer to the movie scene.  She can definitely hold her own against the likes of co-star Jeff Bridges.

Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom - Jacki Weaver is definitely the black sheep in this list and she is probably honored just to be nominated, but her performance in the indie flick Animal Kingdom is probably not going to win her the golden statue.  Animal Kingdom isn't nominated for anything else at the Oscars and hasn't had much press, so Weaver will probably be a product of her film and its traction during this year's award season.

Our Prediction: Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Although she's received some bad press in the last couple of weeks, we think Melissa Leo will still bring home the award.  Her performance was stunning and she deserves the award based on that factor alone.  Hailee Steinfeld might give the actress a run for her money though.  She has impressed critics and viewers with her candid, scene-stealing performance and it might win over Oscar voters as well.  So, although we say Leo will take home the gold, Steinfeld just might beat her out.  This one is a little tricky with all the negative press Leo has been receiving.



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