Weekend Movie Preview: February 4, 2011

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There's a 3D film from James Cameron out this weekend and terrifying flick about an obsessive roommate.  Take your pick... or see both.

It's hard to compete with the Super Bowl...

The Roommate is expected to win the movie box office weekend, seeing as many women who are not interested in watching the Super Bowl will probably opt to see the chick vs. chick thriller.

Even if you're not interested in getting in on all the Super Bowl festivities this weekend, you have a few options.

Sanctum: An underwater cave diving team experiences a life-threatening crisis during an expedition to the unexplored and least accessible cave system in the world. The film is produced by James Cameron and features a new 3D camera that he is still trying to perfect for the next two Avatar sequels.  Experience 3D in all its glory.

The Roommate:  Have you ever had a creepy roommate?  Well it's taken to an extreme in Sony Screen Gem's The Roommate starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly.  Two fashion and arts students at college, Sara (Minka Kelly) and Rebecca (Leighton Meister) end up rooming together.  However, Sara soon discovers there's something very off about Rebecca.

Two movies are also coming out this weekend in limited release are The Other Woman, featuring Natalie Portman. 

It's now coming out in theaters a month after premiering on cable channels across America.  The romantic comedy Waiting For Forever, starring Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge is also set to hit a limited number of theaters.

The Other Woman: Natalie Portman plays Emilia, 'the other woman,' in this heart wrenching tale about a young Harvard law-school graduate who marries her lawyer boss, Jack (Scott Cohen).  After losing their newborn baby, Emilia struggles to bond with her stepson and must face the wrath of Jack's jealous ex-wife (Lisa Kudrow)

Waiting For Forever: Waiting For Forever follows Will Donner (Tom Sturridge) who follows his childhood friend, Emma Twist (Rachel Bilson), around as she struggles to become an actress.  Will doesn't have a job or any ambition whatsoever, except to be with Emma.

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