Casting Time: Who Should Play the Female Lead in Total Recall?

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Casting is underway for director Len Wiseman's Total Racall remake.  The film is based on the 1990 adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick short story called, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale."

The film features two key female lading roles, Lori and Melina. 

According to Deadline, Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger are currently in the ring for the part of Lori and Eva Mendes, Paula Patton, Eva Green, and Jessica Biel are all vying for the role of Melina.

Kate Bosworth Picture
Actress Diane Kruger
Eva Mendes Picture
Casino Royale's Eva Green
Actress Jessica Biel
Actress Paula Patton

The original film starred Arnold Swarzenegger as Douglas Quaid, Sharon Stone as Lori and Rachel Ticotin as Melina.

Set in the future, Total Recall follows a construction worker on Earth who dreams of exploring Mars.  He decides to visit the planting through implanting memories on a virtual trip to any location.  Quaid pays for a visit to Mars as a secret agent and he begins to confuse his virtual reality with his real one.

The remake is set to be released August 3, 2012.

Who do you think should get the parts of Lori and Melina?

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