Disney Scraps Robert Zemeckis' Yellow Submarine

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UPDATE:  Disney denies that it decided to scrap the Yellow Submarine project after Mars Needs Moms tanked at the box office.  According to Deadline, a spokesperson for Disney says the company decided to cancel the film long before Mars Needs Moms was even released.

Mars Needs Moms did so poorly at the box office this weekend, Disney decided to scrap producer Robert Zemeckis' next project for the studio, Yellow Submarine. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the high profile remake of the classic Beatles film Yellow Submarine has been in the pipeline for a while, but hasn't really moved forward. 

The film has been wracked with problems, including budget issues and a failed attempt to sit down with the Beatles heirs to discuss the project.

Beatles Yellow Submarine

Zemeckis produced the latest Disney flick Mars Needs Moms, which cost the studio $150 million to make, it made a measly $6.9 million at the box office this weekend.

The plan for Yellow Submarine was apparently to use 16 Beatles songs into the film and use the cutting edge motion-capture technology that was used in Zemerckis' films Beowolf, Christmas Carole, and Mars Needs Moms. 

Apparently the technology isn't catching on as well as they had expected.  Most people describe the technology as "creepy" or "weird" and the results are reflective of that.

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