DVD Release: Black Swan, Tangled

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Two movies with very successful theatrical releases available to own or rent on DVD today. Also, two very different movies, one a R-rated osychological thriller, the other a fun animated Disney flick.  Both great films!

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Tangled DVD Cover

Black Swan: Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky, follows the downward spiral of Nina, a prima ballerina who has been given the lead to the ballet Swan Lake.  She is perfect for the role of the white swan, but must work to get into the mindset of the black swan.  Her involvement in the role becomes obsessive and leads to her downfall.  The DVD has bonus features, including Metamorphosis: A Three-Part Series and a behind the scenes look at the process with Aronofsky.

Tangled: The long-haired Princess Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but when she falls in love with a bandit who was passing by she must venture into the outside world for the first time to find him.  DVD features include, two original storybook openings andthe 50th anniversary animated countdown.

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