DVD Release: Morning Glory, Jackass 3, The Next Three Days

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Three very different movies come out on Blu Ray/DVD this week.  Lots to choose from if you are looking for something to enjoy for the first time or over and over.

Check out the titles and some of the extra features on the DVD releases.

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Morning Glory: Becky (Rachel McAdams) is a young morning news producers who dreams of working on the TODAY Show, instead she ends up on a low-rated Manhattan morning show.  The show features a cranky veteran journalist (Harrison Ford) who doesn't want to be anchoring and a perky, but demanding co-anchor (Diane Keaton).  Becky struggles with ratings and is threatened to be terminated if she does not improve the program. The DVD extras include audio commentary and deleted scenes.

The Next Three Days: Russel Crowe stars in this action movie about a husband desperate to prove his wife (Elizabeth Banks) is innocent of murder.  When he realizes that's not going to happen, he sets his sights on getting her out of jail.  He gets some help from ex-inmate (Liam Neeson) to help him devise a plan to get her out.  It all becomes a little crazy and its doubtful his plan would actually work in real life, but the entire film is fast-paced and entertaining nonetheless.  DVD extras include featurettes, deleted scenes, and audio commentary.

Jackass 3: Johnny Knoxville is back for more crazy antics that will make you gasp in horror. Jackass 3 pretty much follows the same premise as the other two films and the television series.  The crazy boys deliver of the same pranks, stunts, and skits as they have in the past.  The DVD extras include an MTV making of Jackass special, deleted scenes, and outtakes. 

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