New Smurfs Trailer: Released!

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Check out this new trailer for The Smurfs.  The little blue creatures are invading earth and no one knows what to do.

The Smurfs have been chased out of their village by the evil wizard Gargamei and end up smack in the middle of Central Park.  The Smurfs need to find a way back to their village before the evil sorcerer finds them.

The 3D movie live-action and animation come together in this tale of good vs. evil.  Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays lead an all-star cast including, Sofia Vergara, Hank Azaria, Anton Yelchin, Jonathan Winters, Katy Perry, Alan Cumming, Fred Armisen, George Lopez, Jeff Foxworthy, Wolfgang Puch, and Tim Gunn.

The Smurfs hit theaters August 3, 2011.

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The Smurfs Quotes

I'm 546, I'm getting too old for this...


Grouchy: Where the Smurf are we?
Gutsy: Up the smurfin' creek without a paddle, that's where!