New Trailer for Bridemaids: Released!

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Check it out! New trailer for the upcoming film Bridesmaids from producer Judd Apatow. 

The movie stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph as best friends - Rudolph's characters is getting married and has asked Wiig's character to be her maid of honor. 

Annie's (Wiig) own life is a mess - she's heartbroken and broke - but she hides her own drama in order to plan the perfect wedding for her best friend. 

Check out the trailer!

This film has some true potential to be all its hyped up to be.  With SNL alum Rudolph and current star Wiig, we are sure this will be a hilarious film full of funny female antics.

Bridesmaids is set to hit theaters on May 13, 2011.

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Bridesmaids Quotes

Why can't you be happy for me, and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?


Woman on plane: I had a dream last night. That we went down.
Annie: Oh God.
Woman on plane: You were in it.
Annie: What?

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